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Beautiful Red Ruby Sterling Silver Bracelet

Beautiful Red Ruby Sterling Silver Bracelet


● Gemstones :
Ruby Stone
● Product Type :
925 Sterling Silver
Gold Plated Silver
● Chakra :
Heart Chakra
Root chakra


• Ruby encourages passion and a zest for life.  It improves motivation and setting of realistic goals. Balances the heart and instills confidence.

• Ruby encourages joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage.  It promotes positive dreams and stimulates the pineal gland. Aids in retaining wealth and passion.

• Ruby encourages removal of negative energies from your path.  It overcomes exhaustion and lethargy and imparts potency and vigor. Calms hyperactivity.

• Ruby detoxifies the body, blood and lymphatic system.  It treats fevers, infectious disease and restricted blood flow.

• Ruby stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen.

Beautiful Red Ruby Sterling Silver Bracelet
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